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Chinese Grammar

Chinese grammar is a key to study Chinese language. With knowledge of certain amount Chinese characters, you need to learn Chinese grammar. Our free online lessons will introduce basic knowledge of Chinese grammar, from morphemes, words, compounds and sentences, these basic units of Chinese language to the usage of each different types of words, ie, nouns, verbs, adjectives, numerals, measure words, pronouns, adverbs, particle, propersitions, etc. Our lessons also include knowledge of sentences and corresponding exercises.

Lesson 01: Breif Introduction of Chinese Grammarand Its Units

Part One: Basic knowledge of Chinese grammar

Part Two: the definition of Morpheme and its types

Part Three: Knowledge of Word: the definition, structures and its types

Part Four: Knowledge of compound: the definition, structures and its types

Part Five: Knowledge of sentence: the constituent structure and its types

Lesson 02: Verb

Part One: General knowledge of verb and its reduplication

Part Two: Copular sentence