Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Burning Straw Is Strictly Prohibited

Now it's time to harvest wheat. Usually farmers will burn the straws after the harvesting, which pollutes the air severely and is a waste of resouces. The local goverment tries to stop this. This is a propaganda truck with a slogan which reads "Burning straw is strictly prohibited".

严禁焚烧麦茬: yán jìn fén shāo mài chá Burning straw is strictly prohibited.

Family Planning, Birth Control & Contraception in China

Family Planning policy in China is a controversial topic. But the policy is a policy which must be implemented in China. China has to control the birth rate because of limited resouces. Sex was and still is an embarassing topic in China. Although it's gradually changing, few people will talk about sex in public.

The picture is a store selling birth control devices and agents, drugs to enhance sexual life and breast enlargement products. Many of these stores do not have clients at day time, partly because of embarassment.

计生 jì shēng family planning

Chinese Twins - Shuang Bao Tai

This mother is very happy when I took a picture of her twin boys, who are sitting in a traditional Chinese cart made of bamboo.

双胞胎 - shuāng bāo tāi Twin