Monday, July 31, 2006

Chinese Valentine's Day - 七夕节

Today's Double Seven Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day. The tradition of celebrating this event origins from the love story of Cow Boy and Weaver Girl, who fall in love with each other and was forced to seperate by The Heavenly Queen. They were only allowed to meet each other once every year on July 7th in Chinese calender. People will look into the heaven and try to evestrop their converstion under grape vine. This year has two Chinese Valentine's days because it has two Julys this year according to Chinese calendar, which happens once every 38 years. The first falls on July 31th and while the second on August 30th.

七夕节 Double Seven Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day
牛郎 Cow Boy
织女 Weaver Girl
情人节 Valentine's Day

Below is a famous poem about this festival by a famous poeist Qin Guan.

鹊桥仙 秦观