Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Crazy Star Fan

A 68 year old man from LanZhou China committed suicide in Hong Kong simply because his daughter, a groupie of Andy Lau, did not receive a special and personal interview from Andy Lau than other Andy's fans on Andy's birthday party on 25th, March. The family sold everything they had to support the girl's star following activities dozens of year ago. The father even had offered to sell his kidney to raise money for her daughter's enthusiasm. His offer was denied because selling human organs were illegal in China. However, the girl and her mother blame Andy to the old man's death and show no regret! The girl is criticized by all the web surffers.

疯狂 fēng kuáng Crazy
追星女 zhuī xīng nǚ Famale star fan; female groupie

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


春雨惊春清谷天, 夏满芒夏暑相连,
秋处露秋寒霜降, 冬雪雪冬小大寒.
每月两节不变更, 最多相差一两天,

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


These days a family in Chongqing is quite famous on the web in China. The family is called the "Toughest Nail Household" in the history. The family confronts the local government and a local real estate company to protect their house, because the compensation the real estate company offering is very much below the market price. The real estate has isolated their house which can be seen in the picture under the support the loca government.

最牛 zuì niú (Toughest, Coolest)
钉子户 dìng zǐ hù (Nail Household)