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Reading Chinese

Reading Chinese is a good and necessary way to learn Chinese language. Let's learn chinese now!

From reading, you will learn fequently used Chinese symbols and Chinese phrases. We suggest you learn to read Chinese through some Chinese songlyrics and Chinese books. For Chinese newbies, we would suggest you start with Chinese songlyrics, in which column, we provide Chinese characters with pinyin. For advanced Chinese learners, you may be interested in reading these carefully selected Chinese articles to enlarge your Chinese vocabulary and knowledge.

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Chinese Song Lyrices

Chinese Books

Chinese Books of A Female Writer, Echo (三毛)

1. The Neighbours -- 芳邻

Part One -- Two -- Three -- Four -- Five

2. A Chinese Restaurant in the Desert -- 沙漠中的饭店

Part One -- Two -- Three

3. Being A Chinese Doctor -- 悬壶济世

Part One -- Two -- Three -- Four

Stories of Sherlock Holmes in Chinese Edition

1. Silver Blaze -- 银色马

Part One -- Two -- Three -- Four -- Five -- Six -- Seven -- Eight

2. The Speckled Band -- 带斑点的带子

Part One -- Two -- Three -- Four -- Five -- Six -- Seven -- Eight

3. A Scandal in Bohemia -- 波希米亚丑闻

Part One -- Two -- Three -- Four -- Five -- Six -- Seven


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