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  1. Chinese video courses Online - eChineseOnline provides high quality Chinese instructional video courses. The video courses are arranged based on different skill levels and topics, and the instructions are provided by professional Chinese teachers. (11.5.30)
  2. Chinese Language School - Learn Mandarin In the heart of China's capital. (11.5.31)
  3. study in China - Global Language offers study abroad programs in China to Learn to Speak & Write Chinese Language. You learn Chinese Mandarin Language at Top Chinese Universities,Study in China.
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  4. Learn Chinese in China - Learn Chinese in China, Internships Placements in Beijing. Hutong School provides Chinese language courses and Internship placements in China.
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  5. Yes! Chinese - description´╝ÜYes! Chinese is a Chinese learning system which is aimed at oversea youngster and developed by Yes! Chinese cultural diffusion co ltd and HQ of Confucius Institute. It includes of printed teaching material, online courses, interactive multi-media CD and teaching services. Yes! Chinese adopt for new Chinese teaching idea and method to combine printed teaching material with interactive multi-media CD and round by 5C of the world language standard. Yes! Chinese is also adopted for the standard of the YCT/HSK tests which are established by The National Chinese Language Office and the Confucius Institution in Beijing, China.
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  6. English schools in Oxford - Language courses for adults and students with a wide choice of famous language schools. A place, steeped in an atmosphere of tradition and privilege. Our language course will help you learn and practice English effectively.(12.2.20)
  7. Baby Names - A famous baby names directory of baby boy and girl names from all over the world!
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  8. Language academy Zhou is specialised in providing Chinese classes to Chinese learners all around the world. The academy's teachers are highly qualified native speakers of mandarin each holding a university degree. Worldwide lessons take place through skype and offer flxible learning solutions for everyone. url: (12.6.7)