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Basic Chinese Expressions Practical Chinese Speaking

There will be totally 365 sentences in this section, which you might use all year round. These are very common sentences Chinese people use daily, and they will certainly help you improve your spoken Chinese. At present, we provide pinyin for each sentence.

1 Long time no see. 2 It's nice meeting you.
3 May I have your name, please? 4 Where do you live?
5 Where are you from? 6 Do you speak Chinese?
7 What's your job? 8 Where are you going?
9 Where is the rest room, please? 10 Be my guest.
11 Please make yourself at home. 12 Would you care for a drink?
13 It doesn't make any difference. 14 What's the weather like?
15 It's a fine day today. 16 What time do yo have?
17 Let's go for a walk. 18 Where is the train station?
19 I'll show you. 20 Does this bus go to the library?
21 How long will it take me to get there? 22 I don't know for sure.
23 How is it going? 24 So far, so good.
25 Let's keep in touch. 26 The sooner, the better.
27 It's time for dinner. 28 How often do you dine out?
29 Is this seat taken? 30 Please show me the menu.
31 Can I take your order? 32 I'm easy to please.
33 What's your favorite food? 34 What do you recommend?
35 For here to to go? 36 Help yourself, please.
37 I can manage. 38 I enjoyed it very much.
39 I'm glad you enjoy it. 40 Dinner is on me.
41 Could I have the bill, please? 42 I'll pick up the tab.
43 Let's go Dutch. 44 May I have a receipt?
45 Enjoy your meal. 46 I've had enough.
47 As a matter of fact. 48 I'm on a diet.
49 That's ridiculous. 50 What's in your mind?
51 Let's talk over dinner. 52 What do you have for dinner?
53 You'll make a good cook. 54 Are you used to the food here?
55 To tell you the truth. 56 I feel like having some dumplings.
57 I'll treat you to dinner. 58 What time is convenient for you?
59 Are you free tomorrow? 60 It's up to you.
61 Can you make it? 62 We'll see.
63 Suit yourself. 64 Maybe some other time.
65 Can I take a rain check? 66 It doesn't matter to me.
67 Whatever you think is fine with me. 68 Thank you all the same.
69 I appreciate your invitation. 70 Don't mention it.
71 I enjoy your company. 72 I'm glad to hear that.
73 Come on over. 74 Would you do me a favor?
75 Could you do the dishes, please? 76 It's my pleasure.
77 Have you finished yet? 78 When will it be ready?
79 I'm working on it. 80 You will have to wait and see.
81 I can't tell. 82 Pardon my interruption.
83 My TV was broken. 84 Where can I go for help?
85 I'll give you a hand. 86 It's a piece of cake.
87 What's on TV tonight? 88 Please let me know.
89 I'll keep that in mind. 90 I'm looking forward to it.
91 It's worth seeing. 92 I'll play it by ear.
93 Can I help? 94 Could you take a picture for me?
95 I want to have my film developed. 96 I'm good at it.
97 You can count on me. 98 Do you have any hobbies?
99 We have a lot in common. 100 I feel the same way.
101 I couldn't agree more. 102 That's worthwhile.
103 Let's get to the point. 104 Have you heard from Mary?
105 I'll walk you to the door. 106 Give my best wishes to your family.
107 Take care. 108 Thank you for everything.
109 I owe you one. 110 It isn't much.
111 How can I get in touch with you? 112 Give me a call.
113 There is a call for you. 114 I'll get it.
115 Hold on, please. 116 He is in the conference.
117 Can I take a message? 118 Have him return my call.
119 Let me get back to you. 120 What's going on?
121 I couldn't get through. 122 My phone was out of order.

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Basic Chinese Expressions Practical Chinese Speaking