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Free Chinese Speaking Lesson - Practical Chinese

Lesson 1 On Campus Lesson 11 On the Bus
Lesson 2 At the Restaurant Lesson 12 On the Taxi
Lesson 3 At the Market Lesson 13 At the Railway Station
Lesson 4 In the Library Lesson 14 At the Airport
Lesson 5 At the Bank Lesson 15 At the Travel Agency
Lesson 6 At the Post Office Lesson 16 Receiving or Being a Guest
Lesson 7 At the Barber's Shop Lesson 17 At the Clothing Store
Lesson 8 At the Hospital Lesson 18 At the Photo Studio
Lesson 9 In the Bookstore Lesson 19 At the Hotel
Lesson 10 At the Pharmacy Lesson 20 At the Tourist Attraction


Basic Chinese Expressions

Everyday Chinese - useful Chinese sentences providing in dialogues with pinyin pronunciation.