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Chinese Main Categories & Radicals

Step One: Four Main Categories of Chinese Characters

Based on the origin of Chinese characters, they have four main categories. We will give you brief information on different categories in these lessons.

1. Lesson One: The Pictographic Characters

2. Lesson Two: The Indicative Characters

3. Lesson Three: The Associative Characters

4. Lesson Four: The Pictophonetic Characters (Part One)

5. Lesson Five: The Pictophonetic Characters (Part Two)

Step Two: Further Lesson on Pictophonetic Characters: the Most Common Chinese Radicals

About 80% of Chinese characters are pictophonetic, so to remember those characters will be very helpful for learning Chinese characters. The easiest way to remember those pictophonetic characters is to rememeber their radicals. The most commonly used meaning and sound radicals of Chinese pictophonetic characters will be offered in the following lessons.

1. Lesson One: The Meaning Radicals

2. Lesson Two: The Phonetic Radicals