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Structures of Chinese Characters: the Single Component Characters

The structures of Chinese characters roughly can be divided into two different kinds, which are the single component (独体字 ) and the compound (合体字 ). The single component refers to the characters that have only one complete and independent component, while the compound refers to the those characters that have more than one component (the knowledge of component will be given in later lessons).

Despite that there is a small amount of single component, most of them are widely used or act as a part of the compound character.

In our first lesson, we will give some examples to help you understand the single component characters. Please note that in some of the characters, not all strokes are shown one by one, because these have been shown in our former lessons.

电 (diàn, electricity)

年 (nián, year)

书 (shū, book)

也 (yě, also)

事 (shì, things)

里 (lǐ, inside)

身 (shēn, body)

面 (diàn, surface)

From these examples, you can easily see what the single component characters mean.

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