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Structures of Chinese Characters: the Compound Characters (Part Six)

In this lesson, we will continue with the compound characters of three and more components. Multi-component characters can be complicated in construction and the structures may be more varied than left-(middle-) right, top-(middle-)bottom and enclosed structures. Complicated as the structures may be, it has to be based on these three structures. Our examples will give you clear explanations.

Please note that in these characters, not all strokes are shown one by one, because these have been shown in our former lessons.

1. For example: "特" and "能".

特(tè, extreme)

能(néng, be able to)

2. For example: "教" and "都".

教(jiào, teach)

都(dōu, also)

3. For example: "想".

想 (xiǎng, think)

4. For example: "最".

最 ( zuì, most)

5. For example: "圆".

6. For example: "照"

照 (zhào, picture)

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