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Writing Chinese Strokes (Part One Basic Strokes)

Chinese characters, which are in the shape of a square, are made up of Strokes(笔画 ). In order to write Chinese symbols, the first thing you shall to know is the Basic Strokes of Chinese characters.

Basic Chinese Writing Stokes

Stroke Names Way of Writing Example
横 Horizonal Stroke Horizontally from left to right 二 two
竖 Vertical Stoke Vertically from top to bottom 十 ten
撇 Left-falling Stroke Softly from top to lower left 午 noon
捺 Right-falling Stroke Softly from top to lower right 人 people
点 Dot Stoke Dot to lower right and pause 太 very
提 Rising Stoke Dot from bottom left to top right 习 practice

Following our link to practise reading and writing these strokes and some simple Chinese characters:

1. 横 héng . 三 (sān, means three)

2. 竖 shù . 工 (gōng, means work), 上 (shāng, means up)

3. 撇 piě . 牛(niú, means cattle), 生 (shēng, means to give birth to)

4. 捺 nà . 八 (bā, means eight), 个 (gè, a measure word)

5. 点 diǎnr . 不 (bù, means no), 下 (xià, means down)

6. 提 tí . 汁 (zhī, means liquid), 冲 (chōng, means to dash)


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