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Writing Chinese Strokes (Part Two Transformed Strokes)

In the Chinese writing system, the basic strokes may change with their positions in direction or in length. We call these changed strokes the Transformed Strokes.

Transformed Strokes

Basic Strokes Transformed Strokes Names Way of Writing Example
左点 Left Dot Stroke Dot to lower left and pause 六 six
长点 Long Dot Stroke Longer than a Dot Stroke 区 district
平撇Horizontal Left-falling Stroke Nearly horizontally from right to left 千 thousand
竖撇 Vertical Left-falling Stroke Nearly vertically down from top 川 river
平捺 horizontal Right-falling Stroke Nearly horizontally from left to right

Following our link to practise reading and writing these strokes and some simple Chinese characters:

1. 左点 zuǒ diǎnr . 六 (liù, means six)

2. 长点 cháng diǎnr . 小 (xiǎo, means small)

3. 平撇 píng piě . 千 (qiān, means thousand)

4. 竖撇 shù piě . 开 (kāi, means open)

5. 平捺 píng nà . 这 (zhè, means this).

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