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Writing Chinese Strokes (Part Three Dependent Strokes)

Some strokes that must be attached to some other strokes are called dependent strokes, which includes Turning Strokes and Hook Strokes.

Dependent Strokes

  Dependent Strokes Names Example
Turning Strokes
横折 Horizontal Turning Stroke 五 five
竖折 Vertical Turning Stroke 山 mountain
撇折 Left-falling Turning Stoke 云 cloud
Hook Strokes
竖钩 Vertical Hook Stroke 小 small
横钩 Horizontal Hook Stroke 买 buy
斜钩 Slanting Hook Stroke 划 scratch, paddle
弯钩 Curved Hook Stroke 家 home
卧钩 Lying Hook Stroke 心 heart

Following our link to practise reading and writing these strokes and some simple Chinese characters:

1. 横折 héng zhé . 口 (kǒu, means mouth)

2. 竖折 shù zhé . 山 (shān, means mountain)

3. 撇折 piě zhé . 云 (yún, means cloud)

4. 竖钩 shù gōu . 手 (shǒu, means hand)

5. 横钩 héng gōu . 买 (mǎi, means to buy)

6. 斜钩 xié gōu . 我 (wǒ, means I, me)

7. 弯钩 wān gōu . 家 (jiā, means home)

8. 卧钩 wò gōu . 心 (xīn, means heart)


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