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Writing Chinese Strokes (Part Four Complex Strokes)

Two or more strokes are joined together to form Complex Strokes in Chinese writing. Below are all of the Complex Strokes in Chinese Writing system.

Strokes Example
横撇 Horizontal Left-falling Stroke 又 again
横折提 Horizontal Turning Rising Stoke 记 remember
横折钩 Horizontal Turning Hook Stoke 月 moon
横折弯钩 Horizontal Turning Curved Hook Stoke 几 how many
横弯钩 Horizontal Curved Hook Stoke 飞 fly
横折折撇 Horizontal Turning Turning left-falling Stoke 及 and
横折折折钩 Horizontal Turning Turning Turning Hook Stoke 乃 is
横撇弯钩 Horizontal Left-falling Curved Hook Stoke 队 group
竖弯 Vertical Curved Stoke 四 four
竖弯钩 Vertical Curved Hook Stoke 七 seven
竖折撇 Vertical Turning Left-falling Stroke 专 specialized
竖折折钩 Vertical Turning Turning Hook Stoke 马 horse
竖提 Vertical Rising Stoke 长 long
撇点 Left-falling Dot Stoke 女 girl

Following our link to practise reading and writing these strokes and some simple Chinese characters:

1. 横撇 héng piě . 水 (shuǐ, means water)

2. 横折提 héng zhé tí . 说 (shuō, means to say)

3. 横折钩 héng zhé gōu . 门 (mén, means door)

4. 横折弯钩 héng zhé wān gōu . 九 (jiǔ, means nine)

5. 横弯钩 héng wān gōu . 气 (qì, means air)

6. 横折折撇 héng zhé zhé piě . 及 (jí, means and)

7. 横折折折钩 héng zhé zhé zhé gōu . 乃 (nǎi, means is)

8. 横撇弯钩 héng piě wān gōu . 队 (duì, means team)

9. 竖弯 shù wān . 西 (xī, means west)

10. 竖弯钩 shù wān gōu . 儿 (ér, means son)

11. 竖折撇 shù zhé piě . 专 (zhuān, means specially)

12. 竖折折钩 shù zhé zhé gōu . 与 (yǔ, means and)

13. 竖提 shù tí . 长 (cháng, means long)

14. 撇点 piě diǎn . 女 (nǚ, means female)


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